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Private Beta 2

Battle it out in the Arena

Beta testers have the chance to help build Illuvium: Arena, and we need you. Private Beta features an upgraded Survival Mode with new mechanics such as Augments, Checkpoints, Mastery Point Interest, and more!

Space is limited, but more Beta Testers are added each week. Register now for your chance to play immediately! Future Rangers will thank you for your service.

Illuvium Arena FAQ

Game Modes

Own & Earn


G4udi, the autonomous trainer drone, is defective. Build a team to survive the onslaught of endless waves of increasingly powerful Illuvials.

Own & Earn
Coming Soon


Build an epic team, outwit your opponent, dominate the Arena, and climb the ladder.

Own & Earn
Coming Soon


Declare your dominance by deploying the most epic teams imaginable. Put it all on the line and fight to become the alpha in this no-holds-barred mode.

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